Saturday, July 18, 2009


Our wide collections of pretty slides and hangers allow you to create and design your favourite keychain, phone charm , bag hanger, charm bracelet , necklace and bracelet.Just email us at for our latest pretty collections.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Colors of Pretty Bags Series

There are 4 types of color for all pretty bags.
Pre-order is allowed so you can
choose the design and color that you like the best!


Dear all Naraya fans,

Yes, finally!! You can now get the sweet and pretty bags from Kuala Lumpur.
All bags are fully imported and original.

For those who are yet to be a fan.. just to share with
you that this brand has many casual bags with
sweet and pretty design. If you like things that are
sweet with pretty ribbons, this is the just the right bags
for you.

We have many customers who have difficulties on
choosing the bags design because all the
bags are just very pretty! haha!

From this label $$ MPS COLLECTIONS $$, you would
be able to find all the pretty designs by this brand.
This company has initially produced only bags,
but, as time goes by, they also have designed and came out with
other categories such as the: kitchen mitten, slippers,
back pack, soft toys, etc.

Do check from our blog from time to time to grab the
latest designs for your collections.
Also, do share with us know your comments about the
bags if you are an exisitng fan or yet to-be-fan.

Wish U Happie Shopping Online
with Us!