Monday, August 31, 2009

ABC DIY Step 1: Select charms design

Select and Design Your Own Charms

The price for each charm is different
because it depends on how many
charms character you select
and also the design that you want.
Estimate price range: MYR$ 9 ~ MYR$30
We will quote you the price
once you send to us the
charms and design that you
would like to make.
Step 1: Select CHARMS design
If you have a different
design from the above samples,
you can always email to us your idea.
OR, you may select from the above samples, then,
continue to:
Step 3: Select SLIDES design
Step 4: Select HANGERS design

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Payment Transfer

General guidelines on payment clearance:

Cash-in at bank counter


Local Cheque at same or different bank (counter or machine)
Bank-in morning - 1 day
Bank-in afternoon - 2 days

Outstation Cheque (meaning issued cheque and bank-in account is not from same state)
Bank-in morning - 2 day
Bank-in afternoon - 2-3 days

Online transfer different bank (GIRO)
2 days

Online transfer third party account (same bank)


1. Days listed above must be counted as working days (which does not include Saturday and Sunday currently)
2. Morning = bank opening hour till 2pm3. Afternoon = after 2pm

Our Loyalty Program - Mystery Gift Card

Specially design for our pretty customers

This gift redeemption card is applicable on
all purchases from "MyPrettyStuff".com except on
Best Buy, Stock Clearance & Promotional items.

For every purchase worth RM25.00,
our customers are entitled for 1 Gift Code.
On the 10th Gift Code, customers will receive
our Mystery Gift of the month.
All Gift Codes received within a particular year,
must be redeemed within that year only.
E.g. Gifts code received in year 2009,
must be redeemed within 2009 only.

So do not forget to bring along your
"MyPrettyStuff" Mystery Gift Card
when you see us in our next stop(s)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Jaya 33 Aug 13 - Aug 16 2009 - A Success Episode

A heartful thanks and gratitude to all our pretty customers that came and support us at our 1st Bazaar. Your support is important to us and we will strive to post more pretty stuff for your indulgences.

Check out our Blog for the our next stop !!!!